Mind Over Matter, a fou

Artisodes Documentary shorts series profiling contemporary artists. Creator, producer, director, and editor of 20 episodes for PBS, Emmy Award, 2008-2010.

The Musical Adventures of John Donald Robb in New Mexico Biographical documentary of ethnomusicologist. Producer, director and writer for PBS, 2009.

From Curandero to Chupacabra Biographical documentary of NEA Medal of Arts Hispano novelist Rudolfo Anaya. Producer, director, writer and editor for PBS, 2008.

La Villa de Alburquerque Documentary on early New Mexican history. Producer, director, and writer for PBS-NM, 2007.

The Song in Your Head Travelogue following a young Zulu theater troupe’s adventures and performances throughout Holland. Producer, director, shooter, and editor for Theatre Embassy, 2006.

Master Positive Documentary short about an HIV positive man who makes low cost, papier-mache coffins in Namibia. Producer, director, writer and editor. Special Jury Citation at IDFA and Honors at BANFF World Media Festival; broadcast throughout Europe and Australia, 2001.

Big Mouths, Open Minds Documentary about democracy ten years after Namibia’s independence. Producer, director, writer and editor for The Ford Foundation, 2001.

The Power Stone Documentary following the historical journey of a sacred stone of Angola and Namibia’s Kwanyama Kingdom that mysteriously disappears for 80 years until its recovery ushered by the President of Finland after decades of war in southern Africa. Producer, director, writer and editor.

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Big Mouths, Open Minds

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