A documentary series that takes us inside the mind of a doctor, inventor,  neuroscientist, and alleged spy on a topsy-turvy descent down the rabbit hole into the hidden world of extrasensory perception and mind control. In collaboration with Film 45.

It's either you believe or you don't. It's so far out. - Uri Geller



A documentary series about out of this world science that is taking us beyond our wildest imaginations - where space exploration meets science fiction forging our future out there.

The universe is an intelligence test. - Timothy O’Leary

In collaboration with SETI Institute and Underground Engine.


The Future of Now

Documentary shorts series that explores how artificial intelligence is transforming our everyday lives and redesigning our world . From astronomers determining the edges of our universe to doctors diagnosing diseases within - dystopian or utopian - the future is now.

I don't watch science fiction, I make 'em. - Sebastian Thrun