Adventures in Pajama Girl Land!

Kelly is a seasoned documentary filmmaker, producing, directing, writing and editing 50+ hours of non-fiction programming for broadcasters like PBS and ARTE. She ran a production company in Africa for over a decade, working with the Ford Foundation, the United Nations, and the Oscar and Peabody award-winning STEPS International. She won an Emmy in 2009 for her documentary shorts series Artisodes profiling contemporary artists, another Emmy that same year for an interactive music site about ethnomusicology, and IDFA’s Special Jury Award in 2001 for her short Master Positive about an HIV positive man who makes papier-mâché coffins to deflect the high cost of funerals in Africa. Her interactive non-fiction graphic story Spoiled covering the oil resource curse in Africa was shortlisted by Tribeca New Media and premiered at The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in 2015.

Currently, Kelly is executive producing a TV documentary series Mind Over Matter about an enigmatic Cold War scientist with Peter Berg’s Film 45, and developing another documentary series Superhumans hosted by an Indiana-Jones-meets-Anthony-Bourdain explorer on a quest to understand consciousness. She is also producing an investigative crime podcast series, The Bone Lady, and a supernatural podcast series, The Channeler; and developing with the SETI Institute a science shorts series, Are We Alone?